10 reasons to use polyethylene wax (PE Wax) in paint manufacturing.


The relation between paints and waxes can be traced back to times of classical Greece, where natural waxes used as protectors of the mural paints.

More recently polyethylene waxes have been used in the paint industry because of its technical characteristics and its excellent relationship between cost and quality in the final product.

The use of polyethylene waxes can be considered as a material that gives the painting protective capacity against pollution and the elements, such as temperature, humidity, and light impurities from air. The waxes add an isolated character in the final paint composition.

The wax acts as glue holding together the particles of color with each other and the support which is applied after the paint has dried.

It is possible to ensure the stability of the paint if the presence of the wax remains constant throughout the painting. The wax capacity of waterproofing material is highly to resins and oils. By their physicochemical characteristics such as waxes are prescribed substances are not oxidized by contact with oxygen from the air, it resists the action of light and is insensitive to the action of acids. Film paintings with wax not wrinkle, shrink or blur except for the presence of heavy frost.

Besides the features mentioned waxes can provide paint many other qualities, such as:

Resistance to abrasion and scratch. Thixotropic agent and anti-drip. Anti-adhesion. Matting effect. Maculated Effect, Reinforces the “Flip-Flop” effect. Fusibility and viscosity with dependent on temperature. Solubility in organic solvents. Emulsified, Gloss and polished. Change rheological properties. No yellowing.

Don´t forget ZellWax Polyethylene waxes are the best pigment dispersion agent for powder paints.

 See our recommended grades CWF-101 and CWF-102 in products section or more industries of application in section industries.


5+1 tips for saving money in PVC production using Polyethylene Waxes Zell Wax.

PVC production is one of our favourites markets and a very small percentage of our polyethylene wax can make you save a lot of money and increase your quality… are you interested?

1.       Zell Wax CWO-312 is oxidized, so polar, so it will work as internal lubricant of the PVC melt, reducing viscosity, improving flow properties and rheology.

The best flow properties, the less amperes, the less amperes, the less cost. You are already saving money.

èOnly a 0,3phr dosage of our Zell Wax CWO-312 will make you reach this objective.

2.       Zell Wax CWN-201 is non-oxidized, so non polar, so it will not mix with the PVC melt, but go to the external size, improving external lubrication and increasing speed.

The best external lubrication, the best the product surface is, the more quality product you obtain.

The best external lubrication, the less heat you produce in the machine, the more speed you can reach. More speed = more benefits.

3.       Zell Wax CWO-312 and CWN-201 combination helps to increase dispersability of rest of additives ( like stabilizers and pigments) so they are easier and faster to mix.

4.       Zell Wax CWO-312 and CWN-201 increase thermal stability of the product, your PVC pipe or profile will suffer less discoloration effects than with other lubricants.

5.       A small percentage of CWO-312 and CWN-201 can substitute a much bigger amount of fatty acid esters.

Last, but not least, you may know that a small percentage of Polyethylene (PE) wax in your product will facilitate recycling, you may not win money on this but you will win a better world for your children.

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Zell Wax , Industrial additives.

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