Uso de emulsiones de cera para tratamiento de suelos

El concepto inicial es sencillo, las superficies lisas con el paso del tiempo y el tránsito se acaban convirtiendo en rugosas, acumulando suciedad y perdiendo el brillo original.La aplicación de productos químicos fabricados con las emulsiones de cera de Zell genera una capa protectora que hace que sean estos productos los que se desgasten y […]

10 reasons to use polyethylene wax (PE Wax) in paint manufacturing.

  The relation between paints and waxes can be traced back to times of classical Greece, where natural waxes used as protectors of the mural paints. More recently polyethylene waxes have been used in the paint industry because of its technical characteristics and its excellent relationship between cost and quality in the final product. The […]

5+1 tips for saving money in PVC production using Polyethylene Waxes Zell Wax.


PVC production is one of our favourites markets and a very small percentage of our polyethylene wax can make you save a lot of money and increase your quality… are you interested? 1.       Zell Wax CWO-312 is oxidized, so polar, so it will work as internal lubricant of the PVC melt, reducing viscosity, improving flow […]

Zell Wax , Industrial additives. Hello world!!!


It has taken some time but finally… we are here!!! Group Liebenzell AG Switzerland  and Zell Chemie Internacional S.L. are proud to present its new brand “Zell Wax, industrial additives” representing our products and solutions for plastic industry. We have tried this website to be at the same time a useful tool for our beloved […]